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What Exactly is the Justnowstore Return Policy?
Here are the details of the Justnowstore return policy:
– You have 7 days from date of delivery to return items for free or may be return charged for a refund if the item is defective, damaged, or the incorrect product.
– Items must be sold and/or fulfilled by Justnowstore directly, otherwise customer has to pay for return shipping, MAYBE. See below for details.
– 3rd party sellers now fall under the same return policy as items fulfilled directly by Justnowstore.
Do I Have to Pay Return Shipping Charges?
If items are fulfilled by Justnowstore, you typically won’t have to pay return shipping charges.
If items are sold by a 3rd party and you try and initiate the return through the Justnowstore return page, you’ll probably have to pay return shipping fees.
But…if you begin a live chat and initiate the come back that means, you stand a great chance of NOT having to paying return shipping fees.
Your chances of success rise greatly if you’re order quite a bit every month.
What if the Item is Opened or Used?
Doesn’t matter. If the item had been opened or used t take it back within 7 days. Plus they’ll probably pay for the return shipping charges.
Keep in mind that the item must be sold and shipped directly by Justnowstore and not a 3rd party.
Can You Abuse the Justnowstore Return Policy?
Absolutely, YES.
If you tend to return the majority of the stuff you buy, Justnowstore will take notice and could flag your account and not let you make any more returns.
Also, if you ask for a return, but never actually return the item, Justnowstore will take action against you.
The action they’ll take is to visualize the “concessions limit” of the vendor.
If you cross this limit, Justnowstore will mark your account as “concession abuse”.
That means that you typically only contact Justnowstore for a refund or discount and abuse their policy frequently.
Once your account is marked “Concession Abuse”, no returns are accepted on any orders created by you within the future.
Worried about getting banned? Justnowstore will send you a warning notice via email first, keep abusing their policy and you’ll get your account banned permanently.
Do You would like a Reason to come back AN Item?
Yes it's must , you need to state a reason.
It can be you simply don’t would like or need the item and that’s absolutely acceptable.
Without any genuine reason no return acceptable.
You’ll be asked if it’s broken or the incorrect item, but you’re under no obligation to answer.
How Many Returns are you able to build Before Raising a Red Flag?
As long as your issue is genuine, there is NO limit for the number of Justnowstore returns you can make.
Can Any Sized Item be Returned?
Yes, any product can be returned. No matter what size or weight, it can be returned within 07 days.