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Its refund policy reads:
Refunds are issued when
- If Seller cannot provide replacement
- In-line with purchaser Protection, once a dispute has been dominated in your favor
Seller permits Refunds on choose classes underneath bound conditions. Please check with the individual Seller's Returns Policy."
- Refund only dispatch in customer wallet not in customer bank account.
- Refund is only allow if customer buy product directly from Justnowstore and shipping by Justnowstore.
- If seller allow Refund in 3rd party case.
- Return shipping cost may be charged in that case also.
Following the confusion over its refund policy, a Justnowstore spokesperson has clarified and assured buyers that the company's return policy is customer-friendly.
"Jusnowstore's return policy is the most customer-friendly across the industry,". "Customers can request for instant refunds on about two-thirds of the categories on Justnowstore, directly through the self-service option. It is hassle-free, seamless and quick, and millions of customers have benefited from it. In the interest of our customers, the text of the policy has been simplified and created additional express for straightforward reference," the representative another.